Meet Our Horses

Our horses are humans too … well almost!

Some of our horses came from wonderful homes. Many were rescued from neglect and/or abuse. Each has their own unique story of hope. We’d love you to come and meet our horses in person … but until then, here’s a snapshot about each one.


Hope Reins Horse Rescue

We would like to introduce you to our beautiful new Hope Reins equine family member.


A Vet friend moved to Canada and wanted a good home for her horse ‘Toby-too’.


Lizzy is a black mare with red in her mane and tail. She was born in 2008 and is around 14hh.


This beautiful colt was orphaned at 4 weeks old. He came to be part of our Hope Reins family when…


One of our volunteers heard about a horse that was heading for the doggers because…


hope reins gympie faith

Faith is a buckskin mare who was born at Hope Reins in 2009. Her mum is Hope and her dad…


hope reins gympie jeremiah

We would like to introduce you to a new member of our Hope Reins family. This is Jeremiah.


hope reins gympie promise

Promise was born on 4th January 2012 with a wry nose – twisted at the end like another of our horses…


hope reins gympie hope

Hope is a stock horse Arabian cross who came to Hope Reins in 2008.


hope reins gympie pippa

Pippa has been a very much loved family member at a miniature horse stud on the Gold Coast.


Tobias, “Toby” for short, is a brumby, born in 2010 in Toolara Forest Reserve in Tin Can Bay.

Mr Darcy

hope reins gympie mr darcy

Mr Darcy is a Quarter horse mix born from Gypsy and Diablo Spin in 2007.


hope reins gympie poppy

Before she came to Hope Reins in 2015, Poppy (her name was given to her on arrival here)…


hope reins gympie jaxon

Meet Jaxon! He is an 18 hands high Clydesdale gelding, born in 2005. These “gentle giants”…


hope reins gympie bandit

Bandit is a blanket Appaloosa. He came from Forbes from a Vet friend of Kylie’s called Patty.


hope reins gympie squirt

We finally have answers about what has happened to Squirt, who was a well trained reining horse…

Cokey Marshmallow

hope reins gympie cokey marshmallow

Cokey Marshmallow was born in 2006. He was named by a young girl who said…


hope reins gympie gypsy

Gypsy is a chestnut mare, born around 1992. She is the innocent victim of a marriage breakup.


hope reins gympie esther

Meet Esther, the slowest eating horse in the world! Esther is scared of the Shetland ponies…


hope reins gympie destiny

Destiny was born in 2008. She is a Quarter Horse cross, black with a white blaze…


hope reins gympie yasha

Yasha was born on Sunday 27 November 2011. He is a solid, curious, friendly boy.


hope reins gympie trooper

A Hope Reins friend contacted us as she had purchased ‘Rebel’ and saved him from certain…


hope reins gympie grace

Grace is a grey Arabian born in 2000. We called her “Grace” as she is a precious gift, given to us by…


hope reins gympie roanie

Kyean Roanies Rattler (Roanie for short) is a 14.2hh registered Quarter Horse mare…


hope reins gympie lily

A man called us after hearing Kylie speak on the Christian radio about Hope Reins.


hope reins gympie nikky

Nikky is a chestnut Arabian, born in 1988. She came from an Arabian stud…


hope reins gympie chauvel

Chauvel is a 14.1hh buckskin gelding born in 2005. His stud name is Commander So Smart…


hope reins gympie emmie-lou

Emmie-Lou is a paint Shetland, around 23 years old. She has only ever been a brood mare…


hope reins gympie bella

Bella is a buckskin brumby from Guy Fawkes National Park in NSW, and was born around 1995.


hope reins gympie jageeta

Jageeta is a 15.3hh registered Quarter Horse mare, born in 1992. She is the mother of Genesis.


hope reins gympie cheeky

Cheeky is an Australian Stock Horse, born on the 11th October 1993. She is a gutsy, hard working…


hope reins gympie diamond

Diamond is a brumby from Oxley Rivers National Park in northern NSW. When she was found…


hope reins gympie genesis

Genesis was born on the 17th December 2005, the night Ruth moved to Chelem. Her name means…


hope reins gympie shiloh

Shiloh is around 15 years old. He was a stallion until he was 10. He and Emmie-Lou…


hope reins gympie desiree

Desiree (A.K.A. The Princess) is a rose grey Arabian. She was given to us by a friend…

The Donkeys

hope reins gympie Donkeys

We are still surprised by people’s reaction to the Donkeys: “Ah, you’ve got donkeys!”